Textile workshops

Simple hand-made books with block-printed covers

These are very easy to make and take only a short while to achieve a book to be proud of!  Wallpaper offcuts were coloured with dyes and paints before being block-printed with Colouricious Indian wood printing blocks.  Pages are then sewn in. Voila!

Textile workshops

New Beginnings – Starting The Next Stage in My Journey

Making the decision to teach dyeing and block-printing workshops might seem like an easy one to make, but I have been deliberating for some time, wondering whether I could fit it in to my already busy life and also whether it would take away the enjoyment.  But I love it with a passion and with one job I presently do coming to an end some time in the near future, I have taken the plunge.

Today I applied to a local adult education centre to teach.  Fingers crossed!